PCB Assembly

Minimum size for PCB in PCB Assembly is 50*50mm and Maximum size is 350*350mm, when your PCB is of any shapes (circular, or odd shape) other than rectangle, your boards must be panellized in an array for assembly for this case we need to check the design for feasibility.

As a default, we accept Gerber file RS-274X format. (Note: 274D format is not accepted) We also accept the following layout files:*.ODB++, PROTEL *.PCB/ *.PCBDOC EAGLE *.BRD (IMPORTANT: please provide your Eagle Version to avoid conversion mistakes).

We need Gerber files, Centroid data and BOM for your PCBA orders. As have already placed your PCB order with us, actually you only need to send the latter two if your PCB Gerber files have included the layers of silkscreen, copper track and solder paste. If your PCB Gerber files are missing any of the above-mentioned three layers, please resend them, as this is the minimum request for PCBA. For the best possible result, please also send assembly drawings, instructions and photos to us to avoid any ambiguous and even mistaken placement of parts, though these are not required by most of the assemblers.

Centroid is the special file for assembly used for quickly programming the assembly machines. This is also known as aka Insertion, Pick-N-Place, or XY Data. Some of the CAD tools will automatically generate this file and some not, but you may need to modify the file and then generate the Centroid file. The Centroid file describes the position and orientation of all the surface mount parts, which includes the reference designator, X and Y position, rotation and side of Board (Top or Bottom). Only surface mounting parts are listed in the Centroid.

Yes We need 10% Extra components including Passive components and Some small Ic's category.

Yes, price is same for the both option but you must have to mention if you require ROHS or NON ROHS before order.